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I miss the old days at my GRANDMA'S HOUSE )-:

I can still remember using a PEN to FORWARD/BACK FLUSH when one of the BUTTONS was BROKEN... WHAAHAHAHAA...LOL

Since I had no money to buy new tapes )-: I always record new music after 2 days that they used to play on the radio.... :-D



  1. Cute song and video. You stopped by my blog about a week ago when I was going on vacation, so I'm taking a moment to check out your blog. Not quite sure I understand it yet, but I'm your latest follower. Gonna browse around, and see what you're up too! Have a great day. Come back & visit & maybe follow me too!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Queni. That means a lot to me. :]

  3. hey the blog is dope you wanna do a follow for follow im already following you i just was wondering if you could return the faveor im trying to reach 70 subcribers